My skirt domination continues

I tried a new fabric for a spring / summer skirt– a silky knit material (and that is as technical as I get).  It is super comfortable and cool when wearing.

Attempt #1:

Note to self: Apply stage makeup prior to picture taking so as not to look like an albino ghost.

Somehow my scissors developed a mind of their own and cut this skirt a little too short… so I can’t wear it at my natural waist AND to work at the same time.  It’s also not exactly cut even… but we’re pretending that was intentional.  BUT, as I said, I like the fabric and shape– it’s a little more full, but can get away with it because it’s a lighter weight fabric.  Great for summer.

Attempt # 2:

Ah, that length is much better.

And here you may note that rather than putting wet hair in a bun, I actually took 5 minutes and straightened it styled it on this day.

Oh, and I tried as I might to make this a “midi” length skirt… but could not get past the fact that it made my hips look huge!  I mean, I know they have birthed 2 babies but still.  Was it the fabric, the style, or just me??

6 Responses to My skirt domination continues

  1. amyruthj says:

    I think the 2nd skirt is super flattering with the little belt and everything. The first one, I would suggest wearing with leggings – but that MIGHT make you look like a visitor from planet 1992.

  2. wwcutie says:

    I love that second skirt.

    The first one, maybe if you style it with a tshirt or tank tucked in – yes, the skirt is large, but we all know your body is slammin’. (And if you have a shirt tucked in, it’ll show off your tiny waist.)

  3. wwcutie says:

    Though, can we talk for a moment about what we REALLY wore back in 1992? I mean, why is nobody bringing back the bike shorts and extra large t-shirts?

  4. dutchhome says:

    The problem is that the first skirt is too short to wear at my waist, so if I tuck in, it would be not at the smallest part of my waist and would make me look wider. but, i will try that just to see, maybe I am wrong. Or leggings. Actually it kind of feels like a ballet skirt that I would wear to practice.

    Maggie: bike shorts are next. If only.

  5. I love the pink with pink! Looks beautiful!

  6. megannielsen says:

    ooooo these are so cute!!! My scissors have a mind of their own too hun… hehe. That second one is PERFECT though, love it!!

    I have pretty much the same problem with midi skirts (re: hips looking big), but they’re so comfy and practical i just keep wearing them anyway. I should really prioritize i guess…

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